Experimental manipulation of quantum mechanical properties of photons and atoms and its applications.
Bose-Einstein condensate
87Rb Bose-Einstein condensates with internal degrees of freedom. bec page
  • Spin-2 spinor BEC at weak magnetic field
  • Phase separation of a binary mixture (F=1 and 2) of BECs
  • Spinor BEC in optical lattice
Sqeezing and entanglement with continuous variable
Quantum teleportation with continuous variable
  • Pulse-resolved entanglement of quadrature amplitude
  • Pulsed homodyne detection of entanglement at telecommunication wavelength
Quantum bit measurement using optical homodyne tomography
Quantum cryptography using balanced homodyne detection (QKD)
Photon number squeezing using semiconductor devices
Sub-Poissonian light generation from VCSELs
Femto-second quantum optics
Quantum teleportation using pulsed squeezed light


Professor Takuya Hirano
Assistant Professor Satoshi Tojo


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  • Dept. of Physics
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Quantum Optics Group (Hirano Lab.), Department of Physics, Gakushuin University.